Gentil Rosso Wheat Flour

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Gentil Rosso is an old population of soft wheat originally from Tuscany and for 30 years the most widespread in Italy at the beginning of the 1900s: our Gentil Rosso is sown in the Terbato farm, near San Biagio Vecchio.

The type of flour we offer is type 1. It is a lightly sieved flour and therefore richer in nutrients. There are no additives or whitening agents, normally added in common flours.


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Properties and characteristics of this product

Gentil Rosso was the wheat of yesteryear in Romagna. This particular quality of soft wheat was widespread when our great-grandparents were still kids.

The elders of this area told us that the fields of Gentil Rosso wheat were the perfect hiding place to escape the scolding of mothers. This is because when fully mature, Gentil Rosso reaches a height of more than 160cm, making it the perfect place for children to play and hide. Don Antonio, the parish priest of San Biagio in Cosina, still remembers that when the baker baked bread made from Gentil Rosso, the scent wafting around was something incredibly good and intense.

The distinctive reddish ear of Gentil Rosso wheat is what gives this ancient variety its name.

Moreover, Gentil Rosso produces very little wheat, with only around 20q per hectare and it has a very low gluten content.

The doughs made from this flour must be processed very gently and they are very digestible even by people with gluten intolerances and sensitivities.
Gentil Rosso flour is very versatile and it is suitable for a variety of preparations, from cakes and cookies to savory leavened products.

Check out our cookbook and order Gentil Rosso flour in our shop to experience its special aroma and flavor.

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