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From Andrea and Lucia

We are on the hills of San Biagio Vecchio, characterized by sandy and clay soils.


In the heart of our Romagna

Ciao! We are Andrea and Lucia and together we manage San Biagio Vecchio Winery.

Our winery is located on the beautiful hills of San Biagio Vecchio in Romagna, very close to Faenza. The estate comprises 6 hectares of land facing the medieval tower of Oriolo dei Fichi and the plain up to the Adriatic Sea. We only have indigenous grape varieties (Albana, Sangiovese and Centesimino) as well as an ancient local variety of wheat, the Gentil Rosso.

When Andrea took charge of the estate, he inherited the legacy of Don Antonio Baldassari, the parish priest of San Biagio and a passionate winemaker. Andrea drew heavily on the knowledge he gained from Don Antonio’s years of experience. 

Lucia, instead, has a background in the world of restaurants and she takes care of sales and reception in the winery with great care and passion.

We are a couple also in real life. It is here that we actually met and it is here that we make our dreams come true every day. 

Together we take care of the vineyards of San Biagio Vecchio, because this is a very special place for us.

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a glass of good wine a day

a glass of good wine a day

a glass of good wine a day

a glass of good wine a day

a glass of good wine a day

keeps the doctor away

keeps the doctor away

keeps the doctor away

keeps the doctor away

keeps the doctor away

Our vineyards hold a special place in our hearts!

When you come to visit us you will discover that a good part of the visit does not take place in the winery but in the vineyards among the rows of Albana, Centesimino and Sangiovese.

Why? Well it’s very simple: this is the birthplace of our wines. When you are among the rows, you will immediately realize that you are entering a small microcosm. The soil changes in color and composition in just a few meters as well as the exposure to the winds and sunlight. You’ll even feel the temperature differences as you move from the cooler to the warmer parts of the vineyard.

All these variables are reflected in the grapes we harvest.

In order to make good and authentic wines you need to take care of the land, which must be rich and teeming with life.

Our commitment is to look after this wonderful and great “garden” in its rich and harmonious complexity. This is why we have decided not to use weed killers or systemic treatments. Instead, we work to respect the land and to preserve as much biodiversity as possible.

But what about the winery? Sometimes we stay there too!

Within those four walls, our role is to accompany the grapes on their journey from must to wine interfering as little as possible.

Fermentations are spontaneous and we use very little sulfur. We don’t do this simply because it’s trendy but rather because very little is required when working with beautiful and healthy clusters.

The rest of the work is a delicate balance of sensitivity during tank tastings, patience during fermentations, meticulous cleaning in the cellar, and precise timing during racking.

There are so many things we could tell you but we don’t want to reveal everything here, so…


Vineyard and Cellar, a Great Love

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