The first vineyard in Albana, from which our SabbiaGialla wine is produced, was planted in the early 1990s by Don Antonio. It is the result of a meticulous mass selection of old Albana di Romagna clones that were personally chosen by him and his father.

Why did we decide to call it Sabbiagialla (YellowSand)?

Simple! The Albana vineyard grows on marzana, emerged bubbles of yellow sand of Pleistocene origin that characterize the soils of these hills.

Expert studies have revealed that the entire hillside area of Oriolo, Castiglione, and Monte Poggiolo coincided with a coastal river delta zone about one and a half million years ago, as confirmed by the discovery of the Monte Poggiolo archaeological site.

These hills are part of what many geologists have called the Lente di Sabbia (Sand Lens) of Oriolo dei Fichi.

These are real bubbles of golden sand, in some places perfectly visible to the naked eye while in others they remain hidden deeper within the soil, intermixed with limestone clay and red clay.

Our unique soil composition gives our wines a distinct savoriness and freshness, and SabbiaGialla embodies the marine memories of these hills with its aroma and saline flavor.

Try it to believe it!