I always like to point out that ‘PorcaLoca‘ is a playful Italian exclamation that can have two meanings: ‘what a pleasant surprise’ or ‘what a stroke of bad luck’ – to say the least 😉

In 2014, we experienced continuous rains that resulted in losing over half of our Sangiovese grapes. Despite this setback, we managed to produce our first vintage of Porcaloca.

The small amount of Sangiovese that survived in the highest rows of the Terbato Estate resulted in a refined and elegant wine, with a subtle spiciness and a refreshing, agile drinkability. We fell madly in love with it!

Despite our attempt to label it as Romagna DOC Sangiovese Oriolo, the DOC commission rejected it. However, we did not give up and decided to bottle it anyway because we loved it so much. This unexpected turn of events turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it presented us with a great opportunity.

The 2014 vintage marked a turning point in our personal journey with Sangiovese. Since then, we have abandoned the idea of producing a muscular wine and now we happily allow Sangiovese to express its fresher, fruitier, and even playful soul.

Porcaloca, have you finished the wine?